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"​Joining the Millionaire Maker coaching program is one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made!"

"We have been members for 5 months and we recently purchased our 5th Cash Flow Note!  The training and guidance is amazing and we couldn't have done it without the amazing education, coaching and support from Desi Arnaz and his team."  Donna T. - Philidelphia PA

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How To Run A Profitable


Note Investing Business


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Here's What You Get

90 Day


Learn how to build a large Note Portfolio using OPM (other people's money).  We will help you create lifetime passive income with Promissory Notes secured by real estate all across the country.

  • "Note Investor University"

    Gain access to the "Note Investing Basics" Video Training Course.  In this course you will learn valuable strategies and techniques for safely creating passive income by investing in Mortgage Notes.  Courses just like this one are sold for thousands of dollars and the information you will gain access to is priceless!

  • "Live Weekly Mastermind"

    Every Saturday at 8:30am PST The Millionaire Makers gather on a live ZOOM training where they "drill down" on specific Note Investing strategies and topics.  You will discuss real life, real time work out techniques and have your questions answered weekly!  "It sure is nice to be a part of such an amazing group of people!"  Wesley - San Diego, Ca.

  • "Preferred Investor Status"

    Along with all of the other amazing reasons why you should be a member of the Millionaire Makers, you will become a VIP member of the "Preferred Investors List!"  This is an exclusive list comprised of savvy and hungry Note Investors that want to have access to the fresh Note offerings before the public sets eyes on them.  Get the 1st jump on fully vetted cash flow note opportunities!

  • "One on One Coaching"

    Benefit from a live one on one coaching call with your Note Mentor every month.  With professional coaching you can take the right steps and avoid the common mistakes while learning to build a portfolio of cash flow notes!  Sometimes there is nothing better than receiving confirmation and reassurance that you are doing the right thing!

  • Note Investing "Pocket Guide"

    This handy reference guide fits easily "in your pocket" and contains tons of useful information about Note Investing!  The "Pocket Guide" is a perfect companion.  As novel as it may be this little pocket guide is filled with useful information and reminders that will be there in your pocket when you need it.  New and seasoned Note Investors need a copy of the "Pocket Guide!"

  • Cheers to an "Amazing Value"

    This membership is an "AMAZING VALUE!"  Access to Note Investor University, One on One Coaching, Live Weekly Training, The Pocket Guide to Note Investing & VIP spot on the "Preferred Investors List" is all included in the package!  Programs like this sell for thousands of dollars. 


Private Investor


  • Group Coaching Atmosphere

    Being a part of a tribe with like minded individuals is one of the best way to stay relevant and up to date in any industry.  The Millionaire Makers are all current Note Investors who are on the same mission.  Getting together with the group every single week is such a great way to brainstorm, have questions answered, create camaraderie and motivate each other! 

  • Personal Attention

    With 1 on 1 coaching, your odds for success are significantly higher.  We will help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes made by new Note Investors.  You will grow and start generating profits faster because our coaching will shorten your learning curve!  There's no substitute for having a "pro" looking over your shoulder and guiding your steps.

  • Video Training Course

    There are many "Guru's" out there that will charge thousands of dollars to sell you a video training course.  Included in your membership you will receive access to "Note Investing Fundamentals" a video-based training course at the Note Investing University (NIU).  Learn at your own pace with 24/7 online access to all of the sessions. The information you will receive in this course will certainly help set you on the right path when beginning your Note Investing journey!


  • Preferred Investor List Access

    The ACI Legacy Group is a Note Dealer in San Diego.  When liquidating any assets from their portfolio YOU will be the 1st to see what is available.  Known for their tireless due diligence process and reliability, ACI's Preferred Investor List is the place to be if you want access to fresh inventory before it is released to the public.  This VIP list is only for those serious about purchasing notes from a trusted source and having access to early review of hot new investment opportunities.

  • Access to Confidential Systems

    WHY START FROM SCRATCH when you can have a successful Note Investor mentor & coach guiding your steps?  Why reinvent the wheel when you can use systems that have been vetted to work well in this space?

    You will have access to Loan Transfer Documents, Joint Venture Agreements and all of the documents required to succeed in the business. Save time & money with our recommendations of the best tools & systems to implement in your new Note Business!   We've Got Your Back!

  • Pocket Guide to Note Investing

    A handy guide that can be kept in your pocket and used as a resource for you while navigating the intricate world of Note Investing.  From basic to advanced information, the Pocket Guide will be there for you no matter what your skill or experience level.  Although the idea for the Pocket Guide began as a novelty and free giveaway, Note Investing Professionals are surprised at the amount of information and usefulness of the Guide.  

Learn To

How To Run A Profitable


Note Investing Business


Regular Price $399/mo.

Only $97.00 Mo.

​(Cancel Anytime)

Here is What Our Clients Say...

"Millionaire Makers has changed our lives!  We are on our 5th Note and we are selling our rental house so we can buy more!  These guys are genuine!"

Donna & Mike T.

6 Month Member

"There's just nowhere else I could find where you can get this kind of mentoring and training for this kind of a price.  The education you get is priceless!"

Dexter H.

New Member

"Desi is not only a great Mentor but he is also a great friend of mine!  He has a heart of gold and he has helped me build my portfolio from day 1!"

Bill W.

4 Year Member

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