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Here at the ACI Legacy Group, we are actual Investors. We buy Mortgage Backed Promissory Notes to hold in our portfolio.  If someone is interested in buying any Note that we own, we are open to selling it.


However, we do not have a problem holding the assets in our portfolio because all of our Notes are carefully vetted before we acquire them and all of our acquisitions were negotiated and structured to maximize profit and minimize the risk of losing capital.

More Case Studies

Case Study

The Deadbeat Daughter

Case study of actual non-performing Note purchase.  Desi Arnaz looks at the "exit strategies" and devises a plan for converting the asset to a re-performing Note. 

He describes the deal structure, deal exit strategies and a financial analysis.  Desi also reveals the actual results being realized with this asset.  Very enlightening.

Case Study

The Arizona Oasis

32 Unit Commercial Note

In this insightful case study Desi Arnaz reveals the hidden ROI potential in performing Notes.  This asset class offers investors an opportunity to grow their IRA or 401k self-directed retirement using safe, mortgage backed Notes as a vehicle. These assets also provide an excellent source for people seeking a reliable source of passive income without the hassles of owning real estate or the sleepless nights associated with investing in the Stock Market.

Case Study

The Trucker's Retirement Plan

In this interesting case study Desi Arnaz reveals the strategy that he used to help a Retired Trucker double his retirement income, eliminate his mortgage payment and preserve his cash reserves Nest Egg by investing in Mortgage Notes.

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